Adopting an animal from Morocco can take some time and expense. Depending on where you live there are rules that cover how an animal can be brought into the country.  Often they must be vaccinated and microchipped and sometimes have a blood test to show they are resistant to Rabies.

All our dogs and cats are also neutered

To cover the costs of preparing a dog to travel abroad we charge a one off adoption fee. This must be paid in advance. 


For a cat adopted to the UK or EU the fee is 150€.  For a cat adopted to North America the fee is 100€.

For a dog adopted to the UK or EU the fee is 250€ and for a dog adopted to North America the fee is 150€. 


Animals going to North America do not need to have the expensive blood tests and do not need to wait so long before they can travel.

If you live elsewhere and want to adopt a dog we can let you know the adoption fee.

You will then have to meet the costs (travel crate, road, air or sea travel) of getting your adopted animal to your home.  We will offer you as much advice and assistance as possible.

Please complete the form and submit it and one of our team will be in touch with you.

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